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decisions when purchasing personal care products for yourself and your loved ones.

Research has shown, the key to Soft skin is Healthy skin and healthy skin is
obtained with the proper nutrients. Your body was created to know which nutrients
it needs and how to obtain them from the substances ingested. The skin, being the
largest organ, plays a very important role in this process. It absorbs most of the
substances it comes into contact with. Especially while cleansing and conditioning!

Products today don't offer the choice nutrients your skin needs.
Many unfortunately cause more harm than good.

Earth Body Wash was created to retain these vital nutrients and deliver them to the
skin when it is most receptive; during cleansing.

Earth Lather is a gentle cleanser which has many uses. It can be diluted as much as
1 part soap to 10 parts water and still be effective.

Origin Earth Products are:

Natural - Ingredients from the Earth and as close to their original form as possible.
Made without the use of chemicals/synthetics.
Premium Essential Oils provide therapeutic qualities and create aromas reminiscent
of The Earth's Natural Elements.
Nourishing - We use a special blend of Organic Skin Care Oils that contain
Vitamins A,D,E and more. Essential to maintaining Healthy Skin.
Economical - Face Wash, Body Wash, Pet Shampoo and more. These
products are concentrated and versatile. Saving you Time, Space and Money!
Earth Friendly - Origin Earth Products are Non -Toxic, Biodegradable and
Chemical Free.

Destination Earth
No chemicals in Your Shower No chemicals in Your Earth! ??
Origin Earth